‘Me Before You’-Jojo Moyes


About the book
Author’s Name Jojo Moyes
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-0-718-15783-8
Price [INR] 399/-
Pages 481
Main Plot Louisa Clark, simple small town girl, gets employed at Traynors’, as a care giver (carer) for their Quadriplegic son, Will. Louisa and Will’s life take a different turn, their relationship gives a different meaning to the individuals they are in such a manner that at a point nothing matters to them other than each other. Are they in love? Do they take vows to live for each other forever? How does this carer role merge with a partner’s role? Is it even possible for a Quad to live a normal, wedded life love life again? What does Will want? What does Louisa want? Are they looking for the same things from life, once they’ve met each other? What does Louisa’s 7 years’ old boyfriend, Patrick, has to say about them?
No. of Characters 2
Tone of writing  Heart touching, simple yet polished.
Book Review

>A girl of average desires or no desire at all meets a boy with so much life inside him which is not visible to others on the outer.

>The girl has nothing major to do in life other than worrying about balancing the earning of her family against the expenses of them all. The girl belongs to a close knit family, full house and a set of parents who are caring and giving. A sister that is sharp and honest to the core in giving her feedback about her and the strongest supporter the girl has.

>The boy is bounded by situation, willing to end his life, not willing to accept that his ‘that’ life is no more in his hands and that he has something to look forward to live, like that! The boy’s family is filthy rich, wanting to save him but not knowing how to. The boy is in despair, totally drenched in self pitying his life and is full of sarcasm.

>In short, hope meets despair! That’s what I would call the beginning of this book and this meeting of hope with despair results in two new persons, emerging as confident of what they want from their lives and they support each other, even after death does them part!

>It is a story of this girl and this boy; Of wanting to make something out of life and completely destroying one’s life for its uselessness. The story is about thinking beyond your own self, thinking for others’ life and helping them achieve what they want to.

>A completely normal living human creature can also waste his/her own life in doing nothing and not knowing its’ own possibilities and potential and a completely non functional human creature can show you the way to your dreams and also make them happen in real for you!

>How contradictory am I sounding here? But that is the beauty of this novel. Moyes has given it a direction by which you would know what I mean above. Sometimes, having a normal life doesn’t excite us but if someone has a differently able life we tend to plan his/her future in a way that it looks all rosy and nice!

>I don’t know how well could I get the message out of Moyes’ story, but I think it tells you to look for possibilities in life, every life has a meaning, every human being has to give something to someone, it could be courage, love, patience, money, direction, hugs and companionship! This giving is important, everyone of us has a meaning to our lives, a motive to lend something to someone that will make his/her life better.

>I liked the novel, it shows you through two lives which are poles apart and how the poles come together to make a different world altogether!

>Although the other reviews say you would need box of Kleenex while reading it, I didn’t need any, not that the story didn’t reach me, it did but I guess I’m stronger than others 😉 *just saying*

>Jokes apart, I think this novel brought a smile on my face, gave me a food for thought, which I’ve written above and maybe that’s why I wasn’t teary eyed at the end of it!

>Moyes has written lot of other books, this one was my first pick. Would love to explore more of her writings.



‘Revenge Wears Prada’-Lauren Weisberger

About the book
Author’s Name  Lauren Weisberger
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-0-00-752505-8
Price [INR] 299/-
Pages 417
Main Plot Revenge Wears Prada is a sequel to the very famous The Devil Wears Prada. Andrea and Emily, the not so very friends become the best of very friends and business partners. They have new lives, husbands and a ravishing career to rave about. Cut to present, the devil of their lives returns and how! Emily and Andrea are taken aback by this Priestly storm and they are not even aware what all are they going to lose! Will they survive this storm? Does the devil crush them, again? Are they successful in getting away? What’s Miranda doing in their lives after 10 years anyway?
  1. of Characters
Tone of writing Plain and Simple.
Book Review
>Money blinds the friends, wisest of them! This novel proves that Miranda is a tigress, a go-getter and she wants what she wants, period!

>The story revolves around Andrea and Emily’s lives, their friendship and association in business. If you’ve read the prequel, you must wonder how Andrea and Emily became friends and on top of that business partners? For that you gotta read on the book 🙂

>I found it a simple book, not very impressive or un-putdown-able. Honestly, I’ve not read “The Devil Wears Prada” but I’ve seen the movie and I was sure Weisberger must have done a great job because the movie turned out so well!

>Maybe, I set my expectations wrong, based on the movie, or maybe the title of the book itself is misleading! The title sounds very powerful and a reader must expect some drama inside at the very word ‘revenge’ but in actual you feel disappointed.

>The story lacks twists & turns and gets a little lost in Andrea being a new mother etc. Miranda’s role in the story is a little weak as compared to her characterization in the previous part.

>Weisberger’s writing is raw, simplistic and long. I did not dislike the book, but I will not so recommend it too!

‘Two Pronouns and a Verb’-Kiran Khalap

About the book
Author Kiran Khalap
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-93-81506-08-0
Price [INR] 295/-
Pages 220
Main Plot Love triangle between friends grown up together, learning to answer questions thrown by life at them and trying to solve the emotional jigsaw that has been created between them by destiny!
No. of Characters 3
Tone of writing Simple
My take on the book
Review >A relationship saga of 3 friends, Dhruv, Arjun and Eva. It has been written in a different pattern; each life in a chapter format. As if each of them are speaking to you about their life journey turn by turn!


>Entangled relationships, deep running friendships, sacrifices for each other and questions to answer at a crossroad! Yet is not that complicated to handle, that’s the beauty of it!


>Khalap has written the story by heart; it is evident from the feel of his writing.


>This is an okay read, not very fancy or intriguing. But you don’t always want to read something deep, right? So when you want to just read and not think too much on the plot, pick this one. A smooth flowing story with simple language and characters those are not larger than life!


>Something that stuck with me after I put down the book was this:

“There is no better hormone than self-respect!”

“Every reaction creates Karma, and every suppression of reaction creates disease!!”

‘Left Overs’-Stella Newman

About the book
Author Stella Newman
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-1847562715
Price [INR] 299/-
Pages 452
Main Plot Chic-lit by every word! A kind of biography of a character called Susie. It is about her life, career, ex and friends.
No. of Characters 1
Tone of writing Humorous and Explanatory.
My take on the book
Review >It is a simple and light read.>A book that talks about Susie’s life and how it progresses. It felt like reading a blog post day by day of a blogger who jots down all her life’s happening on her blog.

>It is interesting although I felt it could have cut a little short at places to make it compact.

>Newman has a great sense of humor and her writing has it all, the wittiness and sharpness of the pun!

>Newman has created characters that are relatable, situations that happen in life and reactions that are genuine and anticipated.

>A good read, a little lengthy but worth reading!

‘The Artists of Palkha’-Saurabh Kumar Das

About the book


Saurabh Kumar Das

Picture of the Author




Price [INR]




Main Plot

A story of 3 friends from an imaginary hill town “Palkha”, set out to achieve big in their chosen stream of art but life has sketched something different for them. Magic, Miracle and Success-it draws them apart, it brings them together. In this entire topsy-turvy life circle, do they succeed in true sense? Do they really learn the lesson that life has to teach them? Does fulfilling their dreams make them wiser to understand the true spirit of friendship? What happens when they achieve what they have always wanted to?

No. of Characters


Tone of writing

Although easy to understand it is at times too simplistic. The brilliant use of poetry in between the prose makes it interesting. That it is a debut novel is very much evident by the style of narration. 
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

Yes, for those who love a quick read, who love a novel which resembles an idealistic short story. Added advantage here is a generous sprinkle of poetry in the prose.


>It is about dreams, friendship and about the other world!

>What have you done to achieve a dream which appeared farfetched and impossible at the beginning? Have you thought of leaving your ties behind and moving in your dream’s direction?

> If you’ve you’ll be able to relate to this story. If you haven’t then you’ll once you read the story!

>The way the entire plot progresses is very much predictable like a Bollywood movie yet the poetry in between is like a fresh breeze that rejuvenates you to carry

on for some more.

>The author should give a serious thought to writing poetry, which seems to be his forte.

>His attempt to weave in the same old sociopolitical theme through modern day characters, is appreciable and has come out well.

>On the other hand, the book overall is a little short of getting the reader hooked throughout.

>That said, for a debut novel, I think the book is a good beginning to the long journey that the author has to travel, looking forward to his second novel, which I’m sure has matured to a next level of writing.

‘You’ve got to be kidding’-Leena Walawalkar

Basics of the book
Author Leena Walawalkar
Picture of the Author
ISBN 81-8443-030-2
Price [INR] 145/-
Pages 240
Story Line/Main Plot Spreads through the lives of 6 Indians who are attending ‘London Business School’ and their stint in London and at campus during the course.
No. of Characters 6 leads
Tone of writing Easy going and straight.
My take on the book
The books is for >People who love reading college stuff, dost-yari plots, easy and light storylines and no worries-no tensions plot.>Though I did not dislike the book but I won’t push it on anyone or re-read it myself.
Reasons being >It sounds very typical of those college stuff stories which are being panned out these days [like days in IITs and IIMs et al]>It’s not that grown up type’s story.>It has no significant plot or any particular story line other than life of 6 friends in the LBS campus and their quest of landing in a secured job post the course.
On the other hand >The narration is easy flowing.>It takes you back to those days when you were struggling between GD-PI preparations and scoring good grades-quiet a ride down the memory lane.>It has friendship concepts which makes it a nice read like watching the movie ‘Dil Chahata Hai’.

‘A Girl Like Me’-Swati Kaushal

Quick Data
Author: Swati Kaushal

ISBN: 978-0-14-310351-6

Price: 250 INR

Other works: Piece of Cake

Website: http://www.swatikaushal.com/

A story about a 16 year old Anisha Rai. Annie,as she is fondly called in the novel,has recently shifted from Minnesota,where she has spent a big amount of time of her life,to the concrete jungle of Gurgaon. New home,ne school,new friends and new life. Initially Annie is very much reluctant to accept and call this new place as her home. She faces difficulties to keep aside the memories of her father whom she lost 3 years ago. Her mother,Mrs. Isha Rai,is a successful professional. Busy as a bee but she manages to dote Annie so that she doesn’t feel lost in this new world. But gradually Isha also falls short on time eventually and Annie starts feeling lonely. That is when she meets Rani,a girl living in the same building. They become good friends. A short twist tagged to Rani’s life too and eventually she ends up living with Isha and Annie.There is Kedar . He is Isha’ best friends’ Tara & Arun’s son. Annie is enrolled in Keds school and that is when the school politics,gimmicks,crushes and friendships start in Annie’s life.

Annie also meets Kunal in her journey.Kunal is a college going theatre enthusiast. Annie falls for him and their relationship takes on a different level.

It’s a tipping tale of teenage class and how these youngsters, freshly step into the world of love,friendships,hatred,jealousy and competition. For the ones who want to read light or start with fresh Indian authors can pick this up.

Pluses: A simple and easy read. It will not wander here and there in between. A teeager’s life story.

Minuses: It’s just a fictional autobiography of Anisha Rai. No twists or suspense. Just a narration.

My rating for this book is 3/5