‘Revenge Wears Prada’-Lauren Weisberger

About the book
Author’s Name  Lauren Weisberger
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-0-00-752505-8
Price [INR] 299/-
Pages 417
Main Plot Revenge Wears Prada is a sequel to the very famous The Devil Wears Prada. Andrea and Emily, the not so very friends become the best of very friends and business partners. They have new lives, husbands and a ravishing career to rave about. Cut to present, the devil of their lives returns and how! Emily and Andrea are taken aback by this Priestly storm and they are not even aware what all are they going to lose! Will they survive this storm? Does the devil crush them, again? Are they successful in getting away? What’s Miranda doing in their lives after 10 years anyway?
  1. of Characters
Tone of writing Plain and Simple.
Book Review
>Money blinds the friends, wisest of them! This novel proves that Miranda is a tigress, a go-getter and she wants what she wants, period!

>The story revolves around Andrea and Emily’s lives, their friendship and association in business. If you’ve read the prequel, you must wonder how Andrea and Emily became friends and on top of that business partners? For that you gotta read on the book 🙂

>I found it a simple book, not very impressive or un-putdown-able. Honestly, I’ve not read “The Devil Wears Prada” but I’ve seen the movie and I was sure Weisberger must have done a great job because the movie turned out so well!

>Maybe, I set my expectations wrong, based on the movie, or maybe the title of the book itself is misleading! The title sounds very powerful and a reader must expect some drama inside at the very word ‘revenge’ but in actual you feel disappointed.

>The story lacks twists & turns and gets a little lost in Andrea being a new mother etc. Miranda’s role in the story is a little weak as compared to her characterization in the previous part.

>Weisberger’s writing is raw, simplistic and long. I did not dislike the book, but I will not so recommend it too!


‘Left Overs’-Stella Newman

About the book
Author Stella Newman
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-1847562715
Price [INR] 299/-
Pages 452
Main Plot Chic-lit by every word! A kind of biography of a character called Susie. It is about her life, career, ex and friends.
No. of Characters 1
Tone of writing Humorous and Explanatory.
My take on the book
Review >It is a simple and light read.>A book that talks about Susie’s life and how it progresses. It felt like reading a blog post day by day of a blogger who jots down all her life’s happening on her blog.

>It is interesting although I felt it could have cut a little short at places to make it compact.

>Newman has a great sense of humor and her writing has it all, the wittiness and sharpness of the pun!

>Newman has created characters that are relatable, situations that happen in life and reactions that are genuine and anticipated.

>A good read, a little lengthy but worth reading!

‘How to be a Woman’-Caitlin Moran


About the book
Author Caitlin Moran
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978009194074
Price [INR] 450/-
Pages 309
Main Plot Real life experiences of a woman, her confusions, adventures, crushes, rivalry, feminism and motherhood; everything that a female goes through in life span of teenager to late 30s!!!
No. of Characters 1
Tone of writing Humorous, Pun intended and Pointed.
My take on the book
Review >It is sarcastic, real and is almost about every woman on this earth.>It talks about how woman are constantly judged, rated and are required to look good, know all and be available and how to break this stigma!>No stage in woman’s life is easy, as it sounds or portrayed or expected to be normally!>After reading this book you will know that it is okay to admit that you are fat if you are, you got a zit on your face that you don’t have a boy friend and that you are not sure when would you have kids because you’ve not planned them yet!

>The book takes you through Moran’s life herself. Ranging from 13 years to 34 years. Her family, her siblings, colleagues, fall-outs, boyfriends, marriage and motherhood. It has all and in a very candid manner.

>It is fast, furious and carries the enthusiasm throughout. The books is good if you want to have a good laugh at realities J

>I had heard raving reviews about the book and in that sense I did not love it like crazies, but I liked it! One time read, you can skip a little here and there to move on to next page and phases of her life!

>The best part of Moran’s writing is she is honest, straight and clear about what she has written. Writing about one’s own life in such detail and about everything , is courageous and I bow Moran for that!

‘Intermission’-Nirupama Subramanian



 About the book
Author Nirupama Subramanian
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-93-5029-323-2
Price [INR] 250/-
Pages 271
Main Plot A story of Sarin family, living an urban life in Gurgaon. The dynamics of a 17 years long nuptial knot, spouses who are independent and detached. In the midst of a steadily-but-not-smooth flowing, relationship, enters the heart and it’s whims and fancies stir up everything. It tells you, what you know for sure, that how difficult it is to deal with the whole situation carrying an upper middle class status.
No. of Characters 3
Tone of writing Straight and Simple.
My take on the book
Do I recommend the book? Not really. Though I’ll not reject this book by terming it as ‘not worth reading’.
Review >The story is easy, unfolds quickly without much fuss and like I mentioned above, the tone of writing and choice of words is as simple as unfrozen butter!>A corporate couple,Gayatri and Varun Sarin, in their mid 40s, with an almost-achieved-everything-in-life assumption, come at a juncture where their marriage does not have that ‘spark’ left in it.

>The story is about the couple who in spite of having lavish careers and good family are not happy, typically suburban types!

>The story takes the reader through the ups and downs of the puppy love, marital routines, newly found romance, a dash of adultery, family values, sacrifices and the whole sanctity called marriage!

>Subramanian has picked up a very ‘tried and tested’ plot for a story and has weaved in through the real urban life and its technicalities.

>The book loses its grip in the last leg of the storyline. Though the reader’s imagination is kept on hold for sometime as to what does Sweety Singh decide for herself and Varun Sarin, but the curiosity is killed with the pace becoming a little slower, giving away the signals to the secret easily.

>It felt like the author herself lost the track of that little suspense that came into picture and hence concluded the story plainly.

>The story gives you insight of extra marital affair, the confusions faced in the ‘this’ relationship and that one question at which everything comes to an end in the world-‘Marriage or Adultery?

>It has also shown the glimpses of a liberal women and how lot of them still haven’t realized where their happiness lies and they have their own lives to live too apart from being wife, daughter in law and a mother!

>It raises a question in the reader’s mind; do all marriages look same after ample years of time spent? Is a relationship outside marriage only about physical pleasures? Is there anything like an intellectual connect, an affair of minds, and whether that is even considered to be valid and legitimate outside marriage?

>We all are human beings, poor, rich, middle class, these are all tags given by us in the society to the financial statuses. What about the core of the human being, life? Everyone is made up of same red color liquid, pink flesh and white bones inside, aren’t we? Anyone, under this Sun can fall in love and maybe many a times! Then just be being slotted as not ‘poor’ can make so much of difference in our lives to accept our relationships and our desires out in public? Point to ponder!

>So are family ties important and take over us triumphantly or love has more power to rule above all?

>The book made me ask this to myself and to others: In all the suburabanian chaos, I’m not even sure if people still know the meaning of love? Are we sure we know what exactly it feels like and when to call it as ‘love’ love?

>I must say I loved the name of the book, it is aptly chosen and suits the plot totally!

>The book is average, newness is missing in the line but Subramanian has written it well because the very fact that it is a very common plot the write-up still makes you think for a moment and for that she deserves 3 cheers!


‘The Artists of Palkha’-Saurabh Kumar Das

About the book


Saurabh Kumar Das

Picture of the Author




Price [INR]




Main Plot

A story of 3 friends from an imaginary hill town “Palkha”, set out to achieve big in their chosen stream of art but life has sketched something different for them. Magic, Miracle and Success-it draws them apart, it brings them together. In this entire topsy-turvy life circle, do they succeed in true sense? Do they really learn the lesson that life has to teach them? Does fulfilling their dreams make them wiser to understand the true spirit of friendship? What happens when they achieve what they have always wanted to?

No. of Characters


Tone of writing

Although easy to understand it is at times too simplistic. The brilliant use of poetry in between the prose makes it interesting. That it is a debut novel is very much evident by the style of narration. 
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

Yes, for those who love a quick read, who love a novel which resembles an idealistic short story. Added advantage here is a generous sprinkle of poetry in the prose.


>It is about dreams, friendship and about the other world!

>What have you done to achieve a dream which appeared farfetched and impossible at the beginning? Have you thought of leaving your ties behind and moving in your dream’s direction?

> If you’ve you’ll be able to relate to this story. If you haven’t then you’ll once you read the story!

>The way the entire plot progresses is very much predictable like a Bollywood movie yet the poetry in between is like a fresh breeze that rejuvenates you to carry

on for some more.

>The author should give a serious thought to writing poetry, which seems to be his forte.

>His attempt to weave in the same old sociopolitical theme through modern day characters, is appreciable and has come out well.

>On the other hand, the book overall is a little short of getting the reader hooked throughout.

>That said, for a debut novel, I think the book is a good beginning to the long journey that the author has to travel, looking forward to his second novel, which I’m sure has matured to a next level of writing.

‘You’ve got to be kidding’-Leena Walawalkar

Basics of the book
Author Leena Walawalkar
Picture of the Author
ISBN 81-8443-030-2
Price [INR] 145/-
Pages 240
Story Line/Main Plot Spreads through the lives of 6 Indians who are attending ‘London Business School’ and their stint in London and at campus during the course.
No. of Characters 6 leads
Tone of writing Easy going and straight.
My take on the book
The books is for >People who love reading college stuff, dost-yari plots, easy and light storylines and no worries-no tensions plot.>Though I did not dislike the book but I won’t push it on anyone or re-read it myself.
Reasons being >It sounds very typical of those college stuff stories which are being panned out these days [like days in IITs and IIMs et al]>It’s not that grown up type’s story.>It has no significant plot or any particular story line other than life of 6 friends in the LBS campus and their quest of landing in a secured job post the course.
On the other hand >The narration is easy flowing.>It takes you back to those days when you were struggling between GD-PI preparations and scoring good grades-quiet a ride down the memory lane.>It has friendship concepts which makes it a nice read like watching the movie ‘Dil Chahata Hai’.

‘Almost Single’-Advaita Kala

Quick Data

Author: Advaita Kala

ISBN: 978-81-7223-655-7

Price: 195 INR

Excerpt from the the back of the book as it is:

‘My name is Aisha Bhatia; I am twenty-nine years old and single. I work as a Guest Relations Manager at the Grand Orchid Hotel. I dine at luxury hotels and stay in five-stars during my travels; I can name old and new wines with great élan, and can tell my cheeses apart. I tolerate my job, hate my boss, and bond big-time with my friends, while routinely suffering from umbilical cord whiplash. I don’t really care for my vital stat at the moment, and I don’t have a cute/funny nickname either. Hence this introduction: it stinks, but it sticks. In fact, sometimes I think there should be support groups like the AA out there for people like me….’

Ironically this book didn’t reach my heart…may be because this was a wrong pick for me since I don’t usually read chick lit..or may be the book is not that great..whatever that is my rating for this book is not more than 2/5

Though the story goes quiet straight without much frills and zig-zags…which is a plus point I guess…the author writes well only if she could attempt writing some other stuff may be !