‘Blessed Are Those Who Thirst’-Anne Holt


About the book
Author Anne Holt
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 9780857892263
Price [INR] 350/-
Pages 211
Main Plot Saturday suspense, blood bath massacre where women are targeted and killed. A rape incident that leads to clues and brings the ugly picture in front of police. A father daughter duo and their helpless rage aligning to the crime!
No. of Characters 4
Tone of writing Simple & Non Circular.
My take on the book
Review >A murder mystery, the story creates suspense throughout and is able to keep the suspense high.>Holt has written it with a straight pulse and the non circular tone of writing makes it intriguing and interesting.>I liked the novel, the story takes you through the murder mystery which is somehow linked with the 8 digit numbers which the murderer leaves behind each murder!

>Towards the end though I felt the book just unveiled the suspense as it is without any drama or frills! The reader can guess herself about what’s going to happen in the end.

>According to me, a great suspense thriller is the one which keeps you up till the last page, or at least the last chapter, wherein you are still making permutations and combinations of who the killer could be.

>While reading murder mysteries, a reader becomes the case solver himself, I’m sure you agree. If the case gives away the clues as it is, the fun of solving the case fades away!

>Also, the link of the killer’s past was a little unfit in the plot, it could have been differently inserted, I felt that it just appeared suddenly from nowhere, just my thought!

>Apart from this, the book was a good read, a quick at that.