‘Mirror Image’-Danielle Steel

About the book
Author Danielle Steel
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 9780552141345
Price [INR] 199/-
Pages 524
Main Plot Mirror Image is a story of a pair of motherless twins-Olivia & Victoria. Identical in every which way except the personalities. One is caring, loving and giving and other is ferocious, wild and random. Both are beautiful, slender and catch attention wherever they go. The story is set in 1920s in the US of A. Raised elegantly in riches and comfort, at the age of 20 their lives changes, for good and for bad! Drastic steps are taken, new families are made and yet there is a void that only these two can help fill in for each other. They decide to play mischief for a little while, which they used to as children. Does that mischief fill their void? Where does their mischief take them?
No. of Characters 3
Tone of writing Rich vocabulary & Heart warming.
My take on the book
Review >A small mischief, turns out to be a big life changer, for their husband, their father and Geoffrey, a 10 year old son of their husband!

>The story is emotional, tears at your heart and you feel strongly about characters mentioned.It is like getting involved in the story so much so that it feels like happening in front of you!

>Being a twin is not a joke. An identical twin at that. They are inseparable like one soul two bodies.

>A story of sisterhood, family ties and love! Steel has done a great job at steering the story well from a happy tale to a reality spin and back to happy tale.

>At the end you feel it MUST have a happy ending, you feel that strong urge! And the end is indeed marvelous, quite logical and apt.

>The book runs fast, though it has 500 odd pages but since it is not slow you can finish it even in a day! I would term it as un-put down-able.

>If you are looking for a simple yet intriguing life drama read, this is the book for you. Also, the language used is impressive; you feel great reading such rich vocabulary!

>I normally love Steel’s books. Not that I’ve read her entire collection but so far I’ve 3-4 books and I like the way she writes.

‘Blessed Are Those Who Thirst’-Anne Holt


About the book
Author Anne Holt
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 9780857892263
Price [INR] 350/-
Pages 211
Main Plot Saturday suspense, blood bath massacre where women are targeted and killed. A rape incident that leads to clues and brings the ugly picture in front of police. A father daughter duo and their helpless rage aligning to the crime!
No. of Characters 4
Tone of writing Simple & Non Circular.
My take on the book
Review >A murder mystery, the story creates suspense throughout and is able to keep the suspense high.>Holt has written it with a straight pulse and the non circular tone of writing makes it intriguing and interesting.>I liked the novel, the story takes you through the murder mystery which is somehow linked with the 8 digit numbers which the murderer leaves behind each murder!

>Towards the end though I felt the book just unveiled the suspense as it is without any drama or frills! The reader can guess herself about what’s going to happen in the end.

>According to me, a great suspense thriller is the one which keeps you up till the last page, or at least the last chapter, wherein you are still making permutations and combinations of who the killer could be.

>While reading murder mysteries, a reader becomes the case solver himself, I’m sure you agree. If the case gives away the clues as it is, the fun of solving the case fades away!

>Also, the link of the killer’s past was a little unfit in the plot, it could have been differently inserted, I felt that it just appeared suddenly from nowhere, just my thought!

>Apart from this, the book was a good read, a quick at that.

‘How to be a Woman’-Caitlin Moran


About the book
Author Caitlin Moran
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978009194074
Price [INR] 450/-
Pages 309
Main Plot Real life experiences of a woman, her confusions, adventures, crushes, rivalry, feminism and motherhood; everything that a female goes through in life span of teenager to late 30s!!!
No. of Characters 1
Tone of writing Humorous, Pun intended and Pointed.
My take on the book
Review >It is sarcastic, real and is almost about every woman on this earth.>It talks about how woman are constantly judged, rated and are required to look good, know all and be available and how to break this stigma!>No stage in woman’s life is easy, as it sounds or portrayed or expected to be normally!>After reading this book you will know that it is okay to admit that you are fat if you are, you got a zit on your face that you don’t have a boy friend and that you are not sure when would you have kids because you’ve not planned them yet!

>The book takes you through Moran’s life herself. Ranging from 13 years to 34 years. Her family, her siblings, colleagues, fall-outs, boyfriends, marriage and motherhood. It has all and in a very candid manner.

>It is fast, furious and carries the enthusiasm throughout. The books is good if you want to have a good laugh at realities J

>I had heard raving reviews about the book and in that sense I did not love it like crazies, but I liked it! One time read, you can skip a little here and there to move on to next page and phases of her life!

>The best part of Moran’s writing is she is honest, straight and clear about what she has written. Writing about one’s own life in such detail and about everything , is courageous and I bow Moran for that!

‘Not without my daughter’-Book Review

Basics of the book
Author  Betty Mahmoody with William Hoffer
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-0-552-15216-7
Price [INR] 325/-
Pages 517
Main Plot A true story of struggle of an American woman-Betty Mahmoody and her daughter Mahtob Maryam Mahmoody, to escape the trap Betty’s husband, Sayyed Bozog Mahmoody-an Iranian origin American, has created for them in Iran.
No. of Characters 3 leads
Tone of writing Very intriguing and straight. It makes the novel unputdownable.
My take on the book
Do I recommend Very Much
Reasons being >A trip to the different world of which one has only heard about or not even that.>A courageous tale of a woman, a mother and a tiny tot-which is learning for the reader.>The tone of writing as I said is so straight, without circles that everything that has been mentioned goes right to your head and you can imagine what really must have happened.
On the other hand >It’s totally emotionally draining story and needless to say it has an impact on you, for longer time.>There is a movie made out of the novel in the same name but I must mention that the movie is a long-story-cut-short presentation because of which the actual story looses its essence. There are many tiny incidences which are eliminated in the movie, which are important to the story line.

‘Where Shadows Lie’-Micheal Ridpath

Basics of the book
Author Michael Ridpath
Picture of the Author
ISBN 978-1-84887-398-8
Price 399/-
Pages 344
Story Line/Plot Murder Mystery
No. of Characters Many
Tone of writing Narrative
Language English with a very tiny tint of Icelandic
My take on the book
Do I recommend Well, may be.
Reasons being >A murder mystery which is set up in Iceland.>I’m not sure whether it is to be called awesome or amazing story but it reaches you and the detective in you is in action.

>Somewhere I felt it could have been trimmed. But I also felt that if it would have been trimmed it would have lost the essence. So there!

>It’s a nice story but somewhere fails to give that ‘mystery’ kick.

On the other hand >There is a map given at the start of the book which really helps the reader understand where the detective/culprit is travelling to-better understanding of the place.>It tells you a lot about the country.

>If you’ve read/seen The lord of rings and liked it you’ll be more than pleased to read this book.

‘The Shadow of the Wind’-Carlos Ruiz Zafon



Quick Data

Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon

ISBN: 978-0-7538-2025-4

Price: 350 INR

The shadow of the wind  is the story-set up in post-Civil War Barcelona- of a young boy-Daniel-, whose life changes forever when he comes across a rare book written by an obscure author-Julian Carax- who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Daniel likes the book so much that he reads it in one go and is impressed with the way Carax has written the story. Something about that novel ignites the curiosity about the author and Daniel is all set to find Carax’s whereabouts. When he asks his father-a bookshop owner himself and other book dealers and shop owners about the author, nobody claims to have heard about the person Daniel is mentioning.

As Daniel grows, the mystery of Carax’s life grows too…Daniel hears that someone is desperately searching for all the copies of Carax’s books and destroying them to ashes. This piece of information deepens Daniel’s curiosity and he is determined to find Carax anyhow ! While on his way to solve the mystery, Daniel meets characters who seem to be coming out of Carax’s books.

So,does Daniel reach to the end of the maze ? Does he ever find Carax ? Does Carax even exist ? Questions like these would pop in your mind as you would progress in the novel. I bought this book on hunch like most of the times I do!The Shadow of the Wind according to me does not fall into any specific genre. It is a story about books, love, friendship, fate, commitment and jealousy.  The moment you think that you’ve almost solved the jig saw puzzle, that the author has presented, there would be another piece out of the puzzle that will be thrown at you…the characters appear real and you are made to think about them and the mysterious story that engulfs them all. At times it frightens you and sometimes it will surprise you. Like Daniel you without knowing start solving the puzzle..the mystery..the author Julian Carax ! The write-up is lovely.Carlos has done  justice to the thriller !

It’s one of those books which you would not want to put down before you reach the end.

My rating for this book is 5/5