‘Too much happiness’-Alice Munro

About the book
Author  Alice Munro
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 9780701183059
Price [INR] 695/-
Pages 303
Main Plot Short Stories
No. of Characters Multiple
Tone of writing Classic
My take on the book
Do I recommend Kind of but not sure though. You know there are books which you don’t discard but you don’t hold them close to your heart too, getting the drift?
Reasons being >The stories are good narratives. They leave a mark in your heart and a thought in your mind.>The language is such of the old times-classic writing.
On the other hand >Not all stories appealed to me but I still cannot mark it as ‘give it a miss’. May be what I didn’t feel in the book someone might feel!>I got a feeling that some stories are left half written.