‘The Artists of Palkha’-Saurabh Kumar Das

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Saurabh Kumar Das

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Main Plot

A story of 3 friends from an imaginary hill town “Palkha”, set out to achieve big in their chosen stream of art but life has sketched something different for them. Magic, Miracle and Success-it draws them apart, it brings them together. In this entire topsy-turvy life circle, do they succeed in true sense? Do they really learn the lesson that life has to teach them? Does fulfilling their dreams make them wiser to understand the true spirit of friendship? What happens when they achieve what they have always wanted to?

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Tone of writing

Although easy to understand it is at times too simplistic. The brilliant use of poetry in between the prose makes it interesting. That it is a debut novel is very much evident by the style of narration. 
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

Yes, for those who love a quick read, who love a novel which resembles an idealistic short story. Added advantage here is a generous sprinkle of poetry in the prose.


>It is about dreams, friendship and about the other world!

>What have you done to achieve a dream which appeared farfetched and impossible at the beginning? Have you thought of leaving your ties behind and moving in your dream’s direction?

> If you’ve you’ll be able to relate to this story. If you haven’t then you’ll once you read the story!

>The way the entire plot progresses is very much predictable like a Bollywood movie yet the poetry in between is like a fresh breeze that rejuvenates you to carry

on for some more.

>The author should give a serious thought to writing poetry, which seems to be his forte.

>His attempt to weave in the same old sociopolitical theme through modern day characters, is appreciable and has come out well.

>On the other hand, the book overall is a little short of getting the reader hooked throughout.

>That said, for a debut novel, I think the book is a good beginning to the long journey that the author has to travel, looking forward to his second novel, which I’m sure has matured to a next level of writing.