‘Secrets’-Danielle Steel

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Author: Danielle Steel

ISBN: 978-0-7181-2606-3

Price: 295 INR

Website:http://daniellesteel.net/ ANDhttp://www.randomhouse.com/features/steel/index.html

The story is about a TV show and the characters acting in it.

Manhattan is going to be a rocking television series produced my Melvin Wechsler who is tempered by tragedy in his personal life but he is known to have the midas touch to everything that he puts his hands on. He very carefully chooses the cast for his show.

Sabina Quarles: Woman of 45 who has managed to look and keep her body of a 18 year old girl. A fine actress who is self sufficient but has not achieved that mark in Hollywood and is striving for it.

Jane Adams: A 39 year old woman,dominated by her abusive and filthy rich husband.Spent the precious years of her career in looking after her 3 children and the husband. When Manhattan comes to her she is forced to chose between the all settled richie rich family life where she doesn’t have her say AND her bright career which awaits for her at her doorsteps.

Zack Taylor: A paragon of acting,man so much sought after in the film industry and a perfect actor of 43 has something attached to him which no one knows…he is secretive yet friendly.

Gabrielle Thornton- Smith: A rich 25 year old girl on the block who is fed up of her richness and wants to carve her name on her own and chooses the rough path to reach to the heights..acting. She is beautiful,intelligent,talented and is sure that with Manhattan she going to reach places.

Bill Warwick: A 33 year old actor who is struggling to settle down in his personal and professional life and is having a really bad time whenManhattan happens to him. To get hired in the show he has to hide a truth from Mel which he hates himself for but has no other way..he has to get this role any how and he decides to hide the truth of his life from Mel.

The story revolves round these characters and over a period of time you will discover that everyone has a secret hidden in their hearts and how each of it slowly comes out phase by phase. The novel will take you through the making of the show and the lifestyle of  the actors. These secrets when reach Mel,makes him uncomfortable since they can ruin the ratings of the show and he has to take a decision as to replace the cast or continue with the same….

I usually like Danielle’s novels but this one did not appeal too much to me. It has no punch or mystery to it as the title suggests. The secrets of the characters don’t shock you or put you in that thinking mode even once. So no mystery or suspense at all. The flow of writing is as usual good. Easy read .

My rating for this book is 2/5


‘Lightning’-Danielle Steel

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Author: Danielle Steel
ISBN: 0-440-22292-3

book cover of   Lightning   by  Danielle Steel

The story revolves mainly around 3 characters of the book-Alexandra Parker,Sam Parker and their 3 and half year old daughter Annabelle. Alex is partner at one of New York’s most prestigious law firms and Sam Parker is a star venture capitalist, a Wall Street whiz kid. Theirs is a life which is totally hanky- dory.They are rich,famous and totally in love with each other even after 17 years of their married life. A picture perfect family anyone could envy!!

Alls super well until one day when the ‘lightning’ struck their life.Sam is caught off guard by Alex’s illness.He is terrified of losing his wife,his family and the love for her.On the other hand his past keeps haunting him and keeps him from helping Alex in her struggle to survive and go through this turbulent times. Alex, somehow is trying to cope up with her illness and she needs Sam so much right then but  is left all alone since Sam refuses to accept that she has the illness.He goes into complete denial mode and doesn’t want to be realistic. He thinks Alex is being too much hyper about nothing and affecting him and Annabelle and she has no right to spoil their lives !The ‘lightning’  creates a distance between them and within no time they both become strangers to each other living under one roof. It gets difficult for both of them with their individual fears inside their hearts and the distance keeps growing.The distance is evident and Annabelle notices that but the kid that she is,she is totally unaware of the consequences of their parent’s fading love.

While they are at it,struggling to manage their dying marriage another lightning strikes them and it’s about Sam’s rocking career. His life and identity are on a toss. They both are on a crossroad where Alex and Sam have to decide which way they need to move and whether they need to move together at all !

Danielle Steel has weaved the story in such a manner that it has everything right from romance,sex,hope,family,love,marriage, relationship,suspense and it has this psychological angle to the entire plot. She has shown what happens to the entire family when a lightning strikes to otherwise smooth and happy going life and how the family members are affected individually.The struggles to save the relationship and self-identity !

Through the entire novel you would feel that you are changing sides. At some point you may feel that Alex is right and after a while you might feel that Sam is not wrong either. It’s a gripping tale and I guess one the best of Danielle’s that I have read till now [The other being ‘Klone and I’ & ‘The Promise’].Though I didn’t think the end was logically right.But only if I was writing this story ;)

My rating: 4/5