‘The devotion of suspect X’-Book review

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About the book


 Keigo Higashino translated by ‘Alexander O. Smith’

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Main Plot

A divorcee woman is leading a simple life as a devoted mother to her only daughter. One fine evening her ex-husband appears at her door unexpected. The sight of her ex-husband sends shivers down the woman’s spine. Her life turns upside down, her silent world shatters into pieces and something un-planned happens-a murder takes place.When the police look into the matter, their obvious suspect is the woman. But as they unveil the case further they are presented with an entire new plot which leaves them confused and derailed umpteen times until they reach the end of this jigsaw puzzle.Who commits the crime? Who is murdered? What’s the woman’s ex-husband got to do with her after so many years of the divorce? Do the police find the actual murderer? Who is this suspect X?

No. of Characters

5 leads

Tone of writing is

Quick and simple.
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

Very Much-I will go to an extent and say ‘it is a must read’!

The reasons I liked the book

>Set up in Tokyo, it is a thrillerby all means.

>A page turnerin truer sense. It takes you through the entire plot without many delays yet you feel when will you reach the answer that you’ve been trying to find throughout.

>This is a reverse murder mysterywhere in you already know the murderer but you don’t know how the body was disposed off. It is like to trace back all the events and going through them time and again in your head to join the dots by the help of the clues thrown at you in every chapter.

>You feel you are one notch above the detectives in the novel cause at least you know the murderer whereas they just know that the crime has been committed-gives you a high to know you know at least one part of the answer!

>Two friends, who are excellent research scientists, one who is a mathematician and other a physicist, are each involved in different ways. They use their logical and scientific skills to commit the crime and solve the puzzle.

>It’s interesting to know the theories these scientists present to veil and unveil the crime.

>A very interesting read not only for mystery lovers but for every book lover.

>The author has managed to write in a way wherein he also gives away the secret as well as holds some with him until the end-in other words; he has done justice to the plot.

>It makes your brain race through logic, knowledge and hunch.

>At the end you are surely caught by surprise, which is a must for thriller stories.

On the other hand

>I’ve to admit that, in the start, the novel kind of didn’t appeal me because of one silly reason-there are all Japanese characters so obviously they have Japanese names. Since you most likely don’t read much of Japanese/Chinese fiction you are bound to feel a little bit out of place reading names like Yasuko, Ishigami, Misato, Sayoko, Kusanagi, Yukawa, Yonazawa, Togashi, Kudo, Kishitaniand the likes…..

> But obviously this is not a reason to put down the book in any which way!