‘A Married Woman’-Manju Kapur


Basics of the book
Author Manju Kapur
Picture of the Author
ISBN 978-81-86939-12-3
Price [INR] 295/-
Pages 307
Story Line/Main Plot Women ,Arranged Marriage & Relationships
No. of Characters 1 central character
Tone of writing Narrative
My take on the book
Do I recommend It’s for those who like reading stories which are woman centred and based on marriage and relationships.
Reasons being >The story revolves round the middle class girl’s arranged marriage and the tussle between her ambitions, desires and responsibilities.>The plot is based in Delhi and has a tint of ‘Babri Masjid-Ramjanmabhoomi’ political backdrop.

>It’s about a woman and her stand for herself and her identity.

>A little bit of male chauvinism is being displayed which is interesting to read [especially when we don’t get to experience it ourselves, thankfully!]

>It has a glimpse of woman’s bisexuality and it is woven into the plot very well.

>It is like peeping in the lives of those women who go through the same grind of arranged marriage, children, duties towards husband and his family and after all this if there is some life left in them-they are allowed to think about themselves, their career and desires.

>A classic case of priorities in relationships.

On the other hand > Towards the end suddenly the story looks like a day to day dairy of central character-Astha Vadera- and again gets back to a novel form.>The hold on language is not so firm but it doesn’t matter much if you get involved in the tale.