‘Where Shadows Lie’-Micheal Ridpath

Basics of the book
Author Michael Ridpath
Picture of the Author
ISBN 978-1-84887-398-8
Price 399/-
Pages 344
Story Line/Plot Murder Mystery
No. of Characters Many
Tone of writing Narrative
Language English with a very tiny tint of Icelandic
My take on the book
Do I recommend Well, may be.
Reasons being >A murder mystery which is set up in Iceland.>I’m not sure whether it is to be called awesome or amazing story but it reaches you and the detective in you is in action.

>Somewhere I felt it could have been trimmed. But I also felt that if it would have been trimmed it would have lost the essence. So there!

>It’s a nice story but somewhere fails to give that ‘mystery’ kick.

On the other hand >There is a map given at the start of the book which really helps the reader understand where the detective/culprit is travelling to-better understanding of the place.>It tells you a lot about the country.

>If you’ve read/seen The lord of rings and liked it you’ll be more than pleased to read this book.