‘Tuesdays With Morrie’-Mitch Albom

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Author: Mitch Albom

ISBN: 978-0-7515-2737-7

Price: 225 INR


After reading Albom’s ‘5 people you meet in heaven‘ I was sure that I wanted to read more of him and hence this is my second read of the same author.

Mitch Albom is a very successful sports writer journalist who is busy..very busy in his life and travels like the speed of lightning..he has no time to even pause and think about himself..He running short on time due to which his love life also suffers but he has no idea what to do to bring it back to normal…

Mitch’s life changes gears only when he sees Morrie,his old professor,on a certain television program and remembers that when he graduated he had promised his old professor that he would stay in touch with him..he also gets to know that Morrie is soon going to die with a disease called ALS [Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis]…that is when he decides to visit the professor..after 16 years..once there he realizes how much he has missed Morrie and that he would want to meet him often now till he is alive. They settle down on an arrangement that they’ll meet every Tuesday and Morrie will teach Mitch 1 lesson of life every time they meet.

There are 14 Tuesdays,that they could manage to meet until Morrie dies…These are presented in the book in a very crisp manner with life’s important lessons in 192 pages.

The book is philosophically toned and very ‘positive-attitude’ oriented book. It teaches of a lot of those things which you might already know but would not have seen from different perspective..It talks about very basic human emotions and realities of life like love,touch,tears,death,family,people etc.

Tuesdays with Morrie is a 1997 non-fiction novel by American writer Mitch Albom. The story was later adapted by Thomas Rickman into a movie of the same name, directed by Mick Jackson….

I also watched the movie and I cried…it does that to you !

My rating for the book is 4/5


‘The 5 people you meet in heaven’-Book review

The latest book that I finished reading is Mitch Albom’s The 5 people you meet in heaven‘. The book was picked by me just like that. Had not heard about it and not read the name ever. But something about the title steered me to buy it. I’m glad I listened to my heart.

The book is amazing and totally a ‘must read’.The author has presented the concept of birth,life,death and afterlife in a very decent,easy and clear manner.There are 5 lessons that the author wants the readers to take from this whole mystery called Life Cycle.

I’ve tried to put them in nut-shell-
  • There is a strong reason behind being born and dying.
  • You are living because someone else died in place of you.
  • We are not strangers.All of us are connected some or the other way.We only realize this at different stages of life.
  • Love is beyond life and death.Ageless,Deathless,Illimitable,everlasting…forever !
  • You might be very good at heart but you do injustice unknowingly. And you will have to undo it.