‘After Taste’-Namita Devidayal

Basics of the book
Author Namita Devidayal
ISBN 9788784001082
Price 399/-
Story Line A business family set up in Mumbai
No. of Characters 6 Leads
Tone of writing Direct and Narrative
Language Expressive
My take on the book
Do I recommend Nope
Reasons being >Language as I said is expressive but looses the strength around the corners. >Somehow it fails to touch the chord. 

>There is no proper trimming of the story at the end.

>Not appealing.

>Though the story in between arouses a curiosity that something major is going to happen in the end it flops down completely that ways.

>I think in the course of making it very down-to-earth and close-to-normal life novel the author has used certain form of language and strings of words which disgust the reader.

On the other hand >Nice bold print 

>A lot is expressed about Mumbai dating back to the times when Indira Gandhi was around-oh but story totally concentrates on the ‘Todarmal’ family.

>Some pearls of wisdom are spread across the book in Hindi and the translation is also provided for non-Hindi readers.

>The book cover is to fall for :)