‘Dear John’-Nicholas Sparks

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Author: Nicholas Sparks

ISBN: 978-0-7515-4046-8

Price: 295 INR


‘Dear John’ is a narrative by the character John Tyree, who joined the army to get away from his reclusive father[or so he thinks] and straighten out his life.. It’a a story about John and Savannah who fall in love at the first sight.

Army changes John’s life for better..he has been raised by an almost non-receptive father to which over a period of time John could not relate with.He is not great at studies and is unsure about his future..that is when he finally decides to enlist in the military and do something about his life.

On his first leave from the army he meets Savannah at the beach-she is beautiful and smart and something about her clicks John which initally even he isn’t aware of…only thing he realizes is that he likes her and would want to know more about her. On the other hand Savannah too reciprocates the same feelings and within no time they become friends…John spends his entire leave with Savannah and they get to know each other pretty well…by the end of the leave both of them realize that it’s nothing but love between them and they make promises to each other about future….only thing that bothers Savannah is that John is in the army and based in Germany..she has to wait until he comes back again-discharged from the army job.

With promises to write and call, they say goodbye until John’s next army leave.

John’s days and nights pass with a countdown to the day when he will be with Savannah forever. In between he gets his second leave and they decide to spend sometime with Savannah’s parents as well and then remaining leave with John’s father. Everything goes well in that duration except that John feels Savannah has changed a bit..or may be she is naturally busy in her work by then..or may be it’s John’s fears that are working on his mind…he didn’t know which is the actual reason but he sure knew that something has changed…just something !

This time when John is back to the army base…something happens…the uneventful 9/11. And it sure changes everything in their lives too.

Sparks has written about the love which is deep,out of this world and that aches. It’s an easy and quick read. With less complicated characters and straight narration. Though what I felt was the love that has been talked about in the story is too-good-to-be-true types. Somewhere in the middle of it..specially when the story reaches a point where John feels that something has changed-the further story becomes predictable…there are no twists and turns.

It’s a quick read if you are travelling or at the beach..it’s a nice read for those who like sappy romantic a girl-meets-the-boy love stories.

My rating for this book is 2/5