‘One Amazing Thing’-Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

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Main Plot

A group of strangers put together in a difficult situation by nature’s fury. They are stuck together for hours in that dark hole which has no opening and even if the opening is there, they aren’t aware of it. Do they befriend each other? Do they remain strangers? Do they find the way out?

No. of Characters

9 characters

Tone of writing

Refined and rich, a reader gets connected easily and instantly.
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

Yes. I liked it.

Reasons Being

>There are characters and there are their stories.9 characters, 9 stories, one amazing thing and all this in one life !

>Beautifully written and in a refined language. CBD’s hold on language is certainly the one which a reader looks forward to in a book.

>Have you ever imagined yourself thrown in a situation with complete strangers for an unknown period? You’ve got to read this book to feel this feeling.

>9 different stories woven in one plot with ease. It is not a murder mystery or a suspense thriller from any corner but it still is a page turner.

>Like the characters in the book, you’ll want to hear (read) all 9 stories before something big crashes and everything ends or before a positive ray of light enters and everyone scatters.

>It is about life and people in it. It is about relationships and emotions entangled in them. It is about feelings and their heaviness. It is about decisions that we humans make which have impacts on others’ lives. It is practical and real.

>I’ve loved CBD’s books (so far read 3) and can certainly recommend this author to one and all. Her books are for all, the genre suits every type of reader and will keep them engaged till the last page.

>Having said the above, I still would say that so far I’ve loved her “Palace of Illusions” the best as compared to the other 2. Her writings are intellectual and so much thought through. She is a blessed writer indeed!