‘A Calendar Too Crowded’-Book Review

I started reading this book in haste for two reasons-One it’s author is my best friend and two because I had to do this review today itself, this being a part of the BlogAdda book review program. But then when your brain is in a mission oriented form usually it’s quick glance and fast reading which ends up in not very apt review about anything. I didn’t want that to happen to my review, especially this book. So, I told myself to relax, not have that sword of time line hang on my head and read patiently, but you know how it is when your brain has already decided on something, sigh! To prove my point against the will of my brain, I brewed a nice large mug of coffee for self and picked up this book, sat in peace and started turning the pages….and then this is what I have to say at the end….

About the book
Author  Sagarika Chakraborty
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-93-81523-06-3
Price [INR] 295/-
Pages 189
Main Plot Short Stories and Poems on ‘Womanhood’
No. of Characters 1 lead-a woman across the book
Tone of writing Poetic and Refined.
My take on the book
Do I recommend Yes
Reasons being > I think I felt quiet speechless when I was done reading the entire stuff, these 189 pages. Every story leaves you jaw dropped, smiling, thinking, relating to and crying your hidden tears-the ones that ache to flow down your cheeks but somehow can’t make way!>The stories are all very practical, already heard of and not very new to read but the whole point here is the way these have been told and expressed- reaches the right corner of your heart. It makes your heart beat faster as it should after hearing such things from your friends, relatives and news media.>After reading the book your brain tells you to work upon instead of just sighing and clicking your tongue.

>The book is about womanhood, agreed but it is in no way written from a feminist point of view. Often we confuse womanhood with feminism; this book clears that cloud of confusion.

>If I were to pick my favourite story / poem of the lot I would never be able to. Taking that risk of sounding biased and clichéd I want to say that there is not a single story or a poem to pin point and say it’s the best…the entire lot is to be called the best cause all put together maketh this wonderful piece of writing! Though few of my favorite patches are listed below, these touched me deep and brought tears to my eyes, literally!

>It covers all the roles of a woman from every stage of her life. The woman reader would be able to relate to all these roles because either she has gone through some of them or she dreams and imagines the others.

>There is not a single wave of confusion in stating what the author wants to express.

>The book tells the reader how much efforts and research has been put forth to bring out this excellent work out in public.

On the other hand >The book is a bit on the gloomy side, for it clearly states the truths of a woman’s life, but then I’m self-countering my point here-the author herself has stated it as a collection of poignant stories and poems woven around the theme of womanhood, which pretty much justifies it’s contents!>Some percentage of male fraternity might find this a typical women thing.

Few of my favorite excerpts :

Tell me if you don’t find this heart wrenching from Can you hear me,Ma?

“But the darkness of death is better than an unequal life that lied ahead-you should know that too! So sleep my little one…sleep for a while in my womb, for tomorrow the same is going to be rechristened as your tomb!”

Or you don’t feel helpless from Naked

” ‘But who committed this crime?’ asked a voice that was quiet for so long. Everyone looked at him. They said that it was besides the point. Young male blodd would naturally have boiled upon seeing such an easy prey. It wasn’t their fault; she led them on. Hence she was completely responsible for what had befallen her. The dictum passed, she lay there, more naked now! “

Or you don’t completely agree when you read Behind those whispers

” That even today the blood is dirty and the entire process weird,that despite so many feminist talks there are still fears with which the minds are still tainted and smeared”

Or you don’t want to support this from Finding an ideal mother for my unborn child

“I want to usher in a period where two generations shall live in harmony, where both shall dare to dream and help each other to achieve those dreams. I have chosen to become a mother today only after learning that I shall not follow your footsteps.So my preceptor, I invite you to my house a few years hence,when you shall definitely observe how my little bundle of joy will appreciate the fact that just like him/her I too am a human being who has a life to live! Together we shall create an equal world of our conjoined dreams!”

Or you don’t feel utterly disgusted at the current state of our times from The gift called life

“What is this life worth, Oh Gods! I ask, where everything is glorious so long as it is a tea-table discussion, when in reality a blame game is ready to surface for each little deviance?……..but then I guess it is all my fault for asking such a tough and controversial question in the first place.”

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