‘Speed Post’-Shobha De

here are two motives of reading a book. 1: You enjoy it. 2: You can boast about it.

Basics of the book
Author Shobha De
ISBN 0-14-029317-5
Price 250/-
Story Line/Plot Collection of letters-from a mother to her 6 children
No. of Characters 7 Leads
Tone of writing Personal, Emotional, Loving and Real.
Language Expressive, toned, balanced and reaches to the reader,easily,in an instant.
My take on the book
Do I recommend Surely
Reasons being >The first of its kind book in the form of letters that I’ve read.>It touches the right chord whether you’re a parent or not.

>Each letter tells a real anecdote that took place between the author and her children-individually and collectively.

>High on emotional level yet practical including life’s ups and downs.

>Never feels like you’re reading a life story of a celebrity and her family.

>It consists of the all fears, concerns, appreciations, happy and sad moments that of any parent in this world.

>A wonderful way of putting things across by a parent in the form of letters.

>It’s one of those kinds which the reader would want to re-read at several junctures of life.

>Available in Marathi & Gujrati as well.

On the other hand >Sometimes the feelings get repetitive [but I must mention that this is a negligible downside]