‘A Girl Like Me’-Swati Kaushal

Quick Data
Author: Swati Kaushal

ISBN: 978-0-14-310351-6

Price: 250 INR

Other works: Piece of Cake

Website: http://www.swatikaushal.com/

A story about a 16 year old Anisha Rai. Annie,as she is fondly called in the novel,has recently shifted from Minnesota,where she has spent a big amount of time of her life,to the concrete jungle of Gurgaon. New home,ne school,new friends and new life. Initially Annie is very much reluctant to accept and call this new place as her home. She faces difficulties to keep aside the memories of her father whom she lost 3 years ago. Her mother,Mrs. Isha Rai,is a successful professional. Busy as a bee but she manages to dote Annie so that she doesn’t feel lost in this new world. But gradually Isha also falls short on time eventually and Annie starts feeling lonely. That is when she meets Rani,a girl living in the same building. They become good friends. A short twist tagged to Rani’s life too and eventually she ends up living with Isha and Annie.There is Kedar . He is Isha’ best friends’ Tara & Arun’s son. Annie is enrolled in Keds school and that is when the school politics,gimmicks,crushes and friendships start in Annie’s life.

Annie also meets Kunal in her journey.Kunal is a college going theatre enthusiast. Annie falls for him and their relationship takes on a different level.

It’s a tipping tale of teenage class and how these youngsters, freshly step into the world of love,friendships,hatred,jealousy and competition. For the ones who want to read light or start with fresh Indian authors can pick this up.

Pluses: A simple and easy read. It will not wander here and there in between. A teeager’s life story.

Minuses: It’s just a fictional autobiography of Anisha Rai. No twists or suspense. Just a narration.

My rating for this book is 3/5