‘The Taj Conspiracy’-Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

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About the book


 Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

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Main Plot

As the name suggests, the plot revolves around the great monument of the country-Taj Mahal.  Over the years, there have been lot of attempts, by Hindus and Muslims, to claim Taj as their own. The protagonist Mehrunisa, is an architectural historian and art scholar, has to do a research project on Indo-Persians connection in fine arts and architecture. She chooses Taj Mahal, for it being the famous monument and also because she is emotionally attached to this project because of her family background.While researching for her project, Mehrunisa, is accidently caught at a sight of a murder that takes place inside the Taj, putting her in the danger of being a suspect of the murder. While striving to steer clear of the murder mystery, she comes to the junction where a larger conspiracy is waiting for her to be unearthed.

Will Mehrunisa be convicted for the murder or will she find the murderer? What’s the conspiracy waiting for her? What happens to Mehrunisa at the end? So whom does Taj belong to-Hindus or Muslims?

No. of Characters

1 main lead

Tone of writing is

Simple and Descriptive
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

Yes, very much.

The reasons I liked the book

>For starters, the subject matter is so appealing, for obvious reason that it is about the great monument- Taj Mahal,a monument so dear to our hearts, a symbol of eternal love.>The suspense in the novel is maintained till the end. The reader is sure to feel intrigued throughout and feel the pulse racing with every page turned.

>The author’s style of narration and the way she has developed the characters in the plot is fabulous.

>The author has very subtly included the current political issues of our country in the story which strengthens the curiosity and reader’s connection to the plot.

>It brings forth the arguments stated by the communities to claim Taj as their own.

>It is an eye opener in terms of selfishness of the politicians, terrorists, self professed community leaders, as how they play with the emotions of the common man, misguide them for their own benefits and use them.

>There are lot of real facts, about the Taj, that have been mentioned in the story which mostly people don’t know about.

>In a series of suspenseful twists and turns, the plot moves from History of Peshawar to the Taj Mahal in Agra, from Delhi to snowy Himalayas.

On the other hand

>There are places where a reader might feel that the author is a little biased against right winged politicians.

>There are lot of things that have really taken place in our history and have been mentioned in the story but there are fictitious incidents mentioned too. The one who has no fair idea of the historical background of the Taj and related politics might find it difficult to differentiate the real from fiction.