‘The Better Man’-Anita Nair

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 Anita Nair

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Main Plot

The story revolves round the main character Mukundan’s life, personality, weaknesses and how he deals with newly acquired fame and importance. Based in fictitious village KAIKURUSSI, Kerala, the novel talks about the power of relationships, healing and how a person’s childhood follows him/her even in the later phases of life.

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Tone of writing

Nice but sometimes gets complicated
My take on the book

Do I recommend the book?

I’ll categorize it as ‘not a must read’ but I’m not rejecting this as well.

Reasons Being

> It is deep, thoughtful and showcases a person’s life whose childhood has been tormenting him.>It is about priorities in one’s life, priorities of relationships and one’s importance in society. It is about what a person wants from himself and life!>The language is great otherwise but sometimes it gets too much complicated with over usage of metaphors like “walked in the belly of the house” or a “cascading the universe of ice cream” etc. metaphors do sound good but if they are used on every other page, they become boring, just my take!

>If you have read Anita’s “Ladies Coupe” then you might not like this one so much. Though I did not dislike this book but I’m sure I would recommend it so much.

>It also gets a little slow in unfolding the story. Some places I also felt that a lot of description of situations could have scrapped out, making it a little short.

>Generally, it happens that when a book gets lengthy or boring I put it away, but this was a little different. I finished it to the T though it took me 3 months !

>Something about the story makes you read it further but not without thinking that “could it not be a little simple and short”