‘If Today Be Sweet’-Thrity Umrigar

Basics of the book
Author Thrity Umrigar
Picture of the Author
ISBN 978-0-06-124024-9
Pages 296
Story Line/Plot Family & Relationships
No. of Characters 4 main characters out of which 1 lead
Tone of writing Expressive
Language Simple and Relatable
My take on the book
Do I recommend Yes I do
Reasons being >It is a Parsi family storyline-simplistic with a great tone of language to it-set up in Ohio with a tinge of Mumbai in between. 

>The feel of the family inside the story is relatable. Some pages down in the book and you feel so much a part of the family drama that’s going on.

>One thing that usually happens with good mystery books that they’re page turners. Despite of being a non-mystery book I found this book a page turner too-it falls so easily on you and you wish to read more and more before taking a break.

>Lot of things which we think that our country-India-lacks and we hate about her are presented in such a manner making us think that even those things are a boon.

>But having said that the book is not about India or its being.

>A love story is also weaved in between which is mature and talks of belongingness and oneness after so many years of marriage.

>There are lines which linger in your mind for a long time-this also means you might want to re-read some of those.

On the other hand >It is about usual family set up-2 generations and the gaps and cracks between them-but in a diluted form.