’31 A thriller’-Upendra Namburi

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About the book
Author Upendra Namburi
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 9789381626757
Price [INR] Price not mentioned on the book
Pages 372
Main Plot The story revolves around a banker-Ravi Shashtri who is the Regional Head Marketing, South India at Imperial Bank. Due to a global crisis in the bank, the India business also feels the currents. The top layer of the company becomes unstable, there are exits and entries and this exerts pressure on Ravi and his targets shoot up. He is caught in the dilemma of taking rough decisions just to make his job secure. So much turbulence in his professional life creates issues in his personal life which ironically results in corporate ‘9-5 fling’ adding more ripples to his personal life. The novel is an interesting account of turn of events in Ravi’s life in the span of 31 days of the month of March.
No. of Characters 1 main lead
Tone of writing Simple, Slang-ish and Overboard at some places
My take on the book
Do I recommend the book? Not really
The reasons being >It is a typical account of a senior banking professional and how he deals with the pressures of personal and professional life.>Had it not been termed as a ‘thriller’, it would still have made through because by no means is it a thriller but the word is added to the name of the book as a tag and it raises expectations.>While reading you don’t feel there is something new to read about, especially for the readers who are corporate professionals.

>There are places where it feels the slangs are pushed in the language, to make it polished and flashy but actually it sounds pretty artificial.

>Slangs like “he slit my balls” etc in a taunting ironic tone are used to colourise the storyline which I felt were not necessary at all places.

>Exaggeration of the corporate pressures is done to the hilt. For example: if one’s wife undergoes an abortion, do you think one still would not go to attend the wife because there are deadlines to attend?

>There comes a point where you start feeling that entire world’s stress is put on our Mr. Banker and he is solely responsible for handling it just like it is portrayed in today’s saas-bahu serials where in the bahu is always made to face some or the other challenge thrown at her by the saas.

On the other hand >It is light, quick and flow-y.>Good for a time pass travel novel.>It shows a dramatic picture of the corporate world and its pressures to people who are yet to step in or don’t belong to the corporate world.

>It also tells you about how the corporate world functions when hit by retrenchment, how one is put in a spot to make quick decisions and how one feels when job security is shaky.

>A quick glance at the professionals’ life and his inability to strike the balance between work and personal life.

>A good read for the ones who want to read a no brainer story.