‘Me Before You’-Jojo Moyes


About the book
Author’s Name Jojo Moyes
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-0-718-15783-8
Price [INR] 399/-
Pages 481
Main Plot Louisa Clark, simple small town girl, gets employed at Traynors’, as a care giver (carer) for their Quadriplegic son, Will. Louisa and Will’s life take a different turn, their relationship gives a different meaning to the individuals they are in such a manner that at a point nothing matters to them other than each other. Are they in love? Do they take vows to live for each other forever? How does this carer role merge with a partner’s role? Is it even possible for a Quad to live a normal, wedded life love life again? What does Will want? What does Louisa want? Are they looking for the same things from life, once they’ve met each other? What does Louisa’s 7 years’ old boyfriend, Patrick, has to say about them?
No. of Characters 2
Tone of writing  Heart touching, simple yet polished.
Book Review

>A girl of average desires or no desire at all meets a boy with so much life inside him which is not visible to others on the outer.

>The girl has nothing major to do in life other than worrying about balancing the earning of her family against the expenses of them all. The girl belongs to a close knit family, full house and a set of parents who are caring and giving. A sister that is sharp and honest to the core in giving her feedback about her and the strongest supporter the girl has.

>The boy is bounded by situation, willing to end his life, not willing to accept that his ‘that’ life is no more in his hands and that he has something to look forward to live, like that! The boy’s family is filthy rich, wanting to save him but not knowing how to. The boy is in despair, totally drenched in self pitying his life and is full of sarcasm.

>In short, hope meets despair! That’s what I would call the beginning of this book and this meeting of hope with despair results in two new persons, emerging as confident of what they want from their lives and they support each other, even after death does them part!

>It is a story of this girl and this boy; Of wanting to make something out of life and completely destroying one’s life for its uselessness. The story is about thinking beyond your own self, thinking for others’ life and helping them achieve what they want to.

>A completely normal living human creature can also waste his/her own life in doing nothing and not knowing its’ own possibilities and potential and a completely non functional human creature can show you the way to your dreams and also make them happen in real for you!

>How contradictory am I sounding here? But that is the beauty of this novel. Moyes has given it a direction by which you would know what I mean above. Sometimes, having a normal life doesn’t excite us but if someone has a differently able life we tend to plan his/her future in a way that it looks all rosy and nice!

>I don’t know how well could I get the message out of Moyes’ story, but I think it tells you to look for possibilities in life, every life has a meaning, every human being has to give something to someone, it could be courage, love, patience, money, direction, hugs and companionship! This giving is important, everyone of us has a meaning to our lives, a motive to lend something to someone that will make his/her life better.

>I liked the novel, it shows you through two lives which are poles apart and how the poles come together to make a different world altogether!

>Although the other reviews say you would need box of Kleenex while reading it, I didn’t need any, not that the story didn’t reach me, it did but I guess I’m stronger than others 😉 *just saying*

>Jokes apart, I think this novel brought a smile on my face, gave me a food for thought, which I’ve written above and maybe that’s why I wasn’t teary eyed at the end of it!

>Moyes has written lot of other books, this one was my first pick. Would love to explore more of her writings.


‘Revenge Wears Prada’-Lauren Weisberger

About the book
Author’s Name  Lauren Weisberger
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-0-00-752505-8
Price [INR] 299/-
Pages 417
Main Plot Revenge Wears Prada is a sequel to the very famous The Devil Wears Prada. Andrea and Emily, the not so very friends become the best of very friends and business partners. They have new lives, husbands and a ravishing career to rave about. Cut to present, the devil of their lives returns and how! Emily and Andrea are taken aback by this Priestly storm and they are not even aware what all are they going to lose! Will they survive this storm? Does the devil crush them, again? Are they successful in getting away? What’s Miranda doing in their lives after 10 years anyway?
  1. of Characters
Tone of writing Plain and Simple.
Book Review
>Money blinds the friends, wisest of them! This novel proves that Miranda is a tigress, a go-getter and she wants what she wants, period!

>The story revolves around Andrea and Emily’s lives, their friendship and association in business. If you’ve read the prequel, you must wonder how Andrea and Emily became friends and on top of that business partners? For that you gotta read on the book 🙂

>I found it a simple book, not very impressive or un-putdown-able. Honestly, I’ve not read “The Devil Wears Prada” but I’ve seen the movie and I was sure Weisberger must have done a great job because the movie turned out so well!

>Maybe, I set my expectations wrong, based on the movie, or maybe the title of the book itself is misleading! The title sounds very powerful and a reader must expect some drama inside at the very word ‘revenge’ but in actual you feel disappointed.

>The story lacks twists & turns and gets a little lost in Andrea being a new mother etc. Miranda’s role in the story is a little weak as compared to her characterization in the previous part.

>Weisberger’s writing is raw, simplistic and long. I did not dislike the book, but I will not so recommend it too!

‘Mirror Image’-Danielle Steel

About the book
Author Danielle Steel
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 9780552141345
Price [INR] 199/-
Pages 524
Main Plot Mirror Image is a story of a pair of motherless twins-Olivia & Victoria. Identical in every which way except the personalities. One is caring, loving and giving and other is ferocious, wild and random. Both are beautiful, slender and catch attention wherever they go. The story is set in 1920s in the US of A. Raised elegantly in riches and comfort, at the age of 20 their lives changes, for good and for bad! Drastic steps are taken, new families are made and yet there is a void that only these two can help fill in for each other. They decide to play mischief for a little while, which they used to as children. Does that mischief fill their void? Where does their mischief take them?
No. of Characters 3
Tone of writing Rich vocabulary & Heart warming.
My take on the book
Review >A small mischief, turns out to be a big life changer, for their husband, their father and Geoffrey, a 10 year old son of their husband!

>The story is emotional, tears at your heart and you feel strongly about characters mentioned.It is like getting involved in the story so much so that it feels like happening in front of you!

>Being a twin is not a joke. An identical twin at that. They are inseparable like one soul two bodies.

>A story of sisterhood, family ties and love! Steel has done a great job at steering the story well from a happy tale to a reality spin and back to happy tale.

>At the end you feel it MUST have a happy ending, you feel that strong urge! And the end is indeed marvelous, quite logical and apt.

>The book runs fast, though it has 500 odd pages but since it is not slow you can finish it even in a day! I would term it as un-put down-able.

>If you are looking for a simple yet intriguing life drama read, this is the book for you. Also, the language used is impressive; you feel great reading such rich vocabulary!

>I normally love Steel’s books. Not that I’ve read her entire collection but so far I’ve 3-4 books and I like the way she writes.

‘The Twentieth Wife’-Indu Sundaresan


About the book
Author Indu Sundaresan
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-93-5029-210-5
Price [INR] 399/-
Pages 372
Main Plot This is essentially called as The Taj Mahal series and ‘Twentieth Wife’ is the first of the trilogy. A love tale weaved in the political historical plot, marinated with facts and dwelled in a little fancy. It is the story of Mehrunnissa & Jahangir, the story of want and desire!
No. of Characters Many
Tone of writing Round, Intelligent and explanatory.
My take on the book
Review >The book is intelligently written, well researched and has deep insights for history lovers and for non history lovers too.

>I had heard a lot of this series and about Sundaresan’s writing. After reading through this book I realized that the book is good, but hyped. On the author’s writing, I would certainly agree that it is great, enchanting and captivating.

>Sundaresan has a great command over language, the ease is felt with which she must have written it all. She is well versed and exhibits her intelligence through her writing.

>On the other hand I felt that the novel could have cut down by say 100 pages to make it crisp and precise. When one reads history, which is a not fiction, one wants constant actions taking place in the plot. If in the flow there is a little extra added widen the narration, it takes away the interest of the reader, me thinks.

>One reason I can think of writing a lengthy book is that when a writer sits for writing, the mood and the atmosphere determines the length and flow of writing. It is difficult to break down that flow of thoughts suddenly to move to the next chapter or even a paragraph.

>I’m no writer but I’m guessing this could be the case. That said, I’m not denying the novel the rating that it scores. It is a lovely novel, which tells you about bravery, love, lust and determination midst politics and empire-ship.

>This series has 2 other novels, Feast of Roses & The Shadow Princess. I’m not sure if I’ll pick them next but I will read them for sure, to finish the trilogy, to know what’s up next in the series 🙂

‘Things I Want My Daughters To Know’-Elizabeth Noble


About the book
Author Elizabeth Noble
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-0-141-03001-2
Price [INR] 350/-
Pages 438
Main Plot Letters and Journal left for daughters of a deceased mother. Things that the mother wanted to speak to her daughters, to share with them as women, to guide them when they will most need her and she knows she’ll not be there by their side.
No. of Characters 5(+1)
Tone of writing Sounding real life, straight from the heart.
My take on the book
Review >A book that will touch your heart. Will give you idea of something that you would want to do for your daughter(s) when you leave them behind.>A mother’s heart tore open and laid in front of the daughters, separately, to cherish the thoughts and words their mother wanted them to know of.

>The book has passing on of woman wisdom, sharing of girly secrets, revealing of dark life patches, and expressing the deep love that a mother can hold in her heart for her daughters.

>The book will take you through the emotions, you’ll smile, feel sentimental and will make you cry, at least it did this to me, especially towards the end of it, when Mark raises toast for Lisa & Andy!

>It is a simple, written-from-heart book. Noble has crafted all the characters very well and they go absolutely well with the story line.

>I would not say I loved the book, like I’ve read the raving reviews and heard from friends about it, but I would say it is a good book, one should read sometime in her life.

>I also felt that the book could have been organized a little more than it is now. The slicing of chapters and the flow of story could have looked better than this, although this doesn’t mean right now it is crap,eh!

>Nevertheless, a heart warming, mother to daughter, sister to sister and most importantly a woman to woman book!

>Leaving you with the best part of the entire book:

Do not stand at my grave n weep
I’m not there I do not sleep
I’m a thousand winds that blow
I’m the diamond light on snow
I’m the sunlight on the ripened grain
I’m the gently falling autumn rain
When u wake in the morning hush
I’m the swift up lighting rush
Of quite birds in circling light
I’m the soft star at night
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I’m not there I did not die!!!

‘Two Pronouns and a Verb’-Kiran Khalap

About the book
Author Kiran Khalap
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-93-81506-08-0
Price [INR] 295/-
Pages 220
Main Plot Love triangle between friends grown up together, learning to answer questions thrown by life at them and trying to solve the emotional jigsaw that has been created between them by destiny!
No. of Characters 3
Tone of writing Simple
My take on the book
Review >A relationship saga of 3 friends, Dhruv, Arjun and Eva. It has been written in a different pattern; each life in a chapter format. As if each of them are speaking to you about their life journey turn by turn!


>Entangled relationships, deep running friendships, sacrifices for each other and questions to answer at a crossroad! Yet is not that complicated to handle, that’s the beauty of it!


>Khalap has written the story by heart; it is evident from the feel of his writing.


>This is an okay read, not very fancy or intriguing. But you don’t always want to read something deep, right? So when you want to just read and not think too much on the plot, pick this one. A smooth flowing story with simple language and characters those are not larger than life!


>Something that stuck with me after I put down the book was this:

“There is no better hormone than self-respect!”

“Every reaction creates Karma, and every suppression of reaction creates disease!!”

‘Blessed Are Those Who Thirst’-Anne Holt


About the book
Author Anne Holt
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 9780857892263
Price [INR] 350/-
Pages 211
Main Plot Saturday suspense, blood bath massacre where women are targeted and killed. A rape incident that leads to clues and brings the ugly picture in front of police. A father daughter duo and their helpless rage aligning to the crime!
No. of Characters 4
Tone of writing Simple & Non Circular.
My take on the book
Review >A murder mystery, the story creates suspense throughout and is able to keep the suspense high.>Holt has written it with a straight pulse and the non circular tone of writing makes it intriguing and interesting.>I liked the novel, the story takes you through the murder mystery which is somehow linked with the 8 digit numbers which the murderer leaves behind each murder!

>Towards the end though I felt the book just unveiled the suspense as it is without any drama or frills! The reader can guess herself about what’s going to happen in the end.

>According to me, a great suspense thriller is the one which keeps you up till the last page, or at least the last chapter, wherein you are still making permutations and combinations of who the killer could be.

>While reading murder mysteries, a reader becomes the case solver himself, I’m sure you agree. If the case gives away the clues as it is, the fun of solving the case fades away!

>Also, the link of the killer’s past was a little unfit in the plot, it could have been differently inserted, I felt that it just appeared suddenly from nowhere, just my thought!

>Apart from this, the book was a good read, a quick at that.

‘Left Overs’-Stella Newman

About the book
Author Stella Newman
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-1847562715
Price [INR] 299/-
Pages 452
Main Plot Chic-lit by every word! A kind of biography of a character called Susie. It is about her life, career, ex and friends.
No. of Characters 1
Tone of writing Humorous and Explanatory.
My take on the book
Review >It is a simple and light read.>A book that talks about Susie’s life and how it progresses. It felt like reading a blog post day by day of a blogger who jots down all her life’s happening on her blog.

>It is interesting although I felt it could have cut a little short at places to make it compact.

>Newman has a great sense of humor and her writing has it all, the wittiness and sharpness of the pun!

>Newman has created characters that are relatable, situations that happen in life and reactions that are genuine and anticipated.

>A good read, a little lengthy but worth reading!

‘How to be a Woman’-Caitlin Moran


About the book
Author Caitlin Moran
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978009194074
Price [INR] 450/-
Pages 309
Main Plot Real life experiences of a woman, her confusions, adventures, crushes, rivalry, feminism and motherhood; everything that a female goes through in life span of teenager to late 30s!!!
No. of Characters 1
Tone of writing Humorous, Pun intended and Pointed.
My take on the book
Review >It is sarcastic, real and is almost about every woman on this earth.>It talks about how woman are constantly judged, rated and are required to look good, know all and be available and how to break this stigma!>No stage in woman’s life is easy, as it sounds or portrayed or expected to be normally!>After reading this book you will know that it is okay to admit that you are fat if you are, you got a zit on your face that you don’t have a boy friend and that you are not sure when would you have kids because you’ve not planned them yet!

>The book takes you through Moran’s life herself. Ranging from 13 years to 34 years. Her family, her siblings, colleagues, fall-outs, boyfriends, marriage and motherhood. It has all and in a very candid manner.

>It is fast, furious and carries the enthusiasm throughout. The books is good if you want to have a good laugh at realities J

>I had heard raving reviews about the book and in that sense I did not love it like crazies, but I liked it! One time read, you can skip a little here and there to move on to next page and phases of her life!

>The best part of Moran’s writing is she is honest, straight and clear about what she has written. Writing about one’s own life in such detail and about everything , is courageous and I bow Moran for that!

‘The Lowland’-Jhumpa Lahiri


About the book
Author Jhumpa Lahiri
Picture of the Author  
ISBN 978-8-184-00386-4
Price [INR] 499/-
Pages 340
Main Plot A story of siblings growing up together, becoming each others’ shadows. A small middle class family touched by destiny’s ups and downs in the lowland of Calcutta (now Kolkata). It is set up in mid 1900s; where Subhash & Udayan grow up as one to only grow apart from each other in their lives.
No. of Characters 4
Tone of writing Literary & Maturely refined.
My take on the book
Review >I’m speechless, quite literally, after finishing it. There are stream of thoughts running in my head, to put them down here, but I’m unable to coherently arrange them.>I liked the book, though I’ve to admit that initially, in fact for almost 50-60 pages I didn’t really get the hang of it. I thought of abandoning the book and pick another one. But something inside me insisted to continue, and continue I did.>The writing is descriptive and reaches you. Lahiri has the knack of taking you to the depth of the story with her words.

>A story of love, betrayal, family and choices that we make in life. How turn of events change so many lives at the same time and a family is destroyed by the hands of destiny. It has all the emotions of all so many relationships, mother-daughter, husband-wife, brothers, sister-in-law and brother-in-law, step father. Midst these relationships, the story has been weaved beautifully!

>It is hard to be a mother, when you are not prepared, when you are drawn to your past, when you are in so much love that death doesn’t mean anything to you, it is hard to be someone else’s wife, to be married to the shadow of your own husband of love. It is hard to imagine that life, to live even when your soul has left you long ago to be with you deceased husband.

>The complications of relationships, the actions that we take in order to iron out the creases of life and how those actions turn out to be lethal at times.

>This story ascertains the fact that you can’t make all situations turn around. Something does go from bad to worse in life and all we are left to do is to accept the fact.

>How love doesn’t know boundaries of life and death. Love is surreal; it happens and stays within the human heart, forever!

>Childhood is the most important part of our lives and we retain all the love and hatred, which is developed in this phase, for eternity!

>There is a touch of political episode, about Naxalbari, in those times that took place in the country. Mention of wars around the world, but it is no way a political novel.

>I’ve to admit that I might not have done a proper justice while writing this review, as I’m falling short of appropriate words to voice my thoughts. I might revisit this review and add to it or modify. But the crux is I liked the book.