‘The Binding Vine’-Shashi Deshpande

Quick Data

Author: Shashi Deshpande

ISBN: 0-14-023336-9

Price: 225 INR

It’s the story of 3 women.No actually it’s the story of women presented by these 3 characters in the book. Urmila [Grieving over the death of her baby daughter],Kalpana[young woman hanging between life and death,a victim of rape] and Meera[A poetess and Urmila’s long dead mother-in-law].

A confession that I want to make here-I just finished this book today afternoon.Since then I’m trying to sink in whatever has been written in the form of a story.I thought a lot and honestly,I could not come up with a proper review about the book in my own words.It’s kind of difficult for me. The book revolves around so quickly taking you through so many facets of life and how when unprepared and unarmed we as humans face it. So just a quick feedback about the book and not the story.

I have read Shashi Deshpande earlier also.This was her third book that I picked up [and to tell you I have 3 more in my library to read.]I have said earlier as well that her books are a bit shady and dark side.The plots are not about the best things in life and all that cream.It’s about reality.Somethings which we know but are distant in our mind and we care not to attend them since it’s not happening with us anyways.

I like the way she presents her characters.She writes about women as protagonist in her stories.And I appreciate the way she weaves the story in such a flow of words that you just can’t put it down.

While reading this one particularly,at some point I felt that I should not read it ahead since it’s too dark a set up for me.But something inside me kept on telling me that I should proceed reading the story and I did.And now once I’m done I’m glad I did.There is something about this book..the way it has been written which I liked very much.

Special Note: Those who really don’t like dark plots should not read it.

My rating for this book is 3/5