‘Love The One You’re With’- Emily Giffin

book cover of   Love the One You're with   by  Emily Giffin

Quick Data

Author: Emily Giffin

ISBN: 978-0-7528-7582-8

Website: www.emilygiffin.com

Other works: ‘Something Blue’, ‘Baby Proof’ and ‘Something Borrowed’.

It’s the story of Ellen, Andrew and Leo.  It happens exactly after 100 days after Ellen became Mrs. Andrew Graham. It takes place at a diner near Union Square. Two strangers, crossing each other and making a usual eye contact. But that was not that. There was something going inside the two souls.  And it , for a moment ,shook Ellen’s confidence of what she believed had gone right in past 100 days.

It’s a story of Ellen and Leo-that’s the right way to put it. A point comes in your life where you are forced to ask yourself- Can you truly love the one you are with when you cannot forget the one who got away?

A poignant tale of love, passion, family, marriage, commitment.

Pluses: A very easy flow of narration, very good hold on language, presented in a subtle and interesting manner.

Minuses: No minuses as such, but you will feel that the story has been told before.

My Rating 4/5