‘Doctor’s Wife’-Elizabeth Brundage

Quick Data

Author: Elizabeth Brundage

ISBN: 0-452-28691-3


The novel starts with the sound of the beeper of Dr.Micheal Knowles pager. He thinks that it’s an error because he is not supposed to be on call at that time but yet like a person married to his job he gets up and rushes to the clinic. The Knowles family has it all one could wish for a picture perfect life…a perfect wife Annie and two beautiful children Henry and Rosie. The life is all hunky-dory in calm upstate Albany, New York.

It’s the time when Michael’s ex-lover,Celina, approaches him for a certain help at her clinic that the danger starts dawning at their life. Though they’re doing a good job at the clinic,there are few people who think they’re being unfair.

While Michael is busy in his own clinic and the help that he is offering at Celina’s,Annie gets entangled with the not so famous painter, Simon Hass, whose wife Lydia is a fascinating character who puts everyone in shades. Four characters, four different opinions and four entangled lives.

Michael goes to the clinic that night after the beeper rings only to never come back home again. Annie feels she is responsible for his absence, the children hold Michael responsible for the hatred in their classmates eyes for them, Lydia thinks she does not want to do this but for Lord Jesus she is doing this  and it is a pay back for her sins and Simon, who really wants to save Annie from all this, is unable to get out of the loop of fear and his marriage to Lydia.

To choose life or to abort is the basic line of the story across. Michael is trying to help out females who get caught in the cycle of sex and pregnancy unwillingly…specially those are who hardly the age of a woman who can even take care of themselves. But the group,which thinks aborting is like rejecting life which Jesus is granting to the mankind,is against Michael and Celina.They want these two to stop aborting and they do all possible stunts to scare them to death.

Does Michael ever come back? Is he dead? And if he is then who is responsible for his death? The group? Simon? Does he leave everything behind and runs away? What happens to Simon and Annie ? Does Lydia forgives them ? Is she able to bring her husband back from Annie ? What’s the truth?

I think the novel turned out to be a good one. I had no expectations from the novel since I’d never heard about this author… I got this book in a book fair. I would like to share how: The seller was ready to sell me 4 books for 100 Rs [only :) ] and I had only picked up 3 books. To make it four I was searching for another one which has been on my to-read list…but could not find none…so took this one cause it sounded good amongst the other unknown books :)

Surprisingly this is Brundage’s first novel and I must say that it surely doesn’t sound like one..It’s very neatly written and complied.

My rating for this book is 4*